Loch Modan (10-20)

Loch Modan is a large area east of Dun Morogh, situated in eastern Khaz Modan. It is known for its temperate climate, abandoned archaeological dig site, and the huge lake from which the region takes its name. The gray and rugged Khaz Mountains rise up on all sides around the loch, and the hills are lightly wooded with pine and birch. The loch was held in place by the Stonewrought Dam, an architectural wonder of no equal on Azeroth. The dam controlled the flow of water to the Wetlands below prior to the Cataclysm.

Loch Modan is heavily populated by hostile troggs, unearthed from caves below ground by the dwarven digs. They have since settled in the surrounding mountainous area and built crude camps and caves from which to strike at passing travelers. Other dangers include dangerous wildlife, aggressive kobolds, and the powerful ogres of the Mo'grosh Stronghold.


Despite its serene appearance, Loch Modan has seen its share of conflict and bloodshed. In the Second War, the orcs of the Horde overran Loch Modan and made a stand against the defenders of the Alliance. The dwarves of Ironforge were ultimately successful in their defense, and reclaimed the area in the war's aftermath. Broken catapults and ballistae can still be seen scattered about on the bottom and islands of the loch, mute evidence to the region's bloody history.


The region is surrounded by the Mountains of Khaz. Loch Modan is sparsely wooded, consisting mainly of rugged hills and rolling grasslands. There are a number of caves filled with their own unique dangers sprinkled throughout. Mountain passes lead to other areas, such as the Searing Gorge and the Wetlands, as well as Dun Morogh. For the most part these are well guarded, or in the case of the Searing Gorge pass, locked. The Stonewrought Dam used to control the flow of water into the Wetlands, great spouts of water flowing from the open mouths of stone dwarves carved into its face. The northeast quadrant is perhaps the most dangerous, filled with ogres. South of this is a large excavation site.


Loch Modan is the implied level 10-20 destination zone for dwarves and gnomes from the adjacent starting zone of Dun Morogh. However it is easy enough for all other Alliance races to quest here, via the Deeprun Tram from Stormwind.


Alliance: Players can travel on foot from Dun Morogh through either the North Gate Pass or South Gate Pass, then to the western side of the loch to Thelsamar.

Horde: The easiest way to Loch Modan is for players to travel from New Kargath in the Badlands northeast and past Uldaman or Horde may walk approx. 4 degrees West of due North from Dust Wind Dig passing on the right of Uldaman dig. From there they need to pick their way through the deep gorge between the two zones.